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About Me

Hey, thanks for stopping by. 

Who am I? Well, for starters, I'm Esther's husband, a brother to 8 incredible siblings, and son to the most patient parents. I'm a yogi, an empath, a thinker, a problem solver, a student of life, a teacher, a healer, a sales leader, and a reckless optimist. I love to travel, try new things, and learn. I love to sing and I especially love to dance, although I'm not terribly good at either.


As a Crohn's warrior, I'm all into the natural stuff like healthy eating, essential oils, yoga, meditation, connecting with nature, & #biohacking. Talk to me about the book you're reading, the podcast you're listening to, or the new healthy habits you're building.

As a yoga teacher, I am on a mission to inspire and empower 10 million people to realize and actualize their full potential. Using the tools they learn on their mats to improve every area of their life.

 I've been studying movement for over 23 years through gymnastics, Irish dance, swimming, yoga, and the martial art of Tang Soo Do. And now, I am dedicated to sharing my multidisciplinary learnings in order to help my students unlock the full potential of their minds, bodies, and souls. My classes are designed to challenge students both mentally and physically, And at the end of the day, I strive to leave each student feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to use what they’ve learned to enhance every area of their lives.

It would be my honor and privilege to serve you as you take the next step in your personal journey toward happiness, health, and overall wellbeing.

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